A total of nine awards will be presented at the 2017 National Biplane Fly In. Seven awards  will go to Biplanes in the categories listed below.  Two awards are for the pilots that fly any type of aircraft, including wing challenged aircraft that are able to achieve powered flight with only one wing 

All registered biplanes on the field Saturday morning from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm will be eligible and included. Awards will be presented in the Pilot's Lounge tent on the flight line at 3:30 pm.  If you are not in the Pilot's Lounge to receive your award we will talk about you at length during the presentations and then send you your award postage due.  Be sure to be at the award ceremony to defend yourself.  

For Biplane award purposes:

       Antique includes 1939 and earlier

       Classic includes 1940 to 1969

       Modern is 1970 and newer.

Champion Biplane awards will be presented in the following categories:

  • Antique Open Cockpit
  • Classic Open cockpit
  • Military
  • Cabin
  • Modern 
  • Experimental
  • Peoples Choice

The following awards will be presented to pilots in attendance who qualify:

  • Iron Butt - furthest distance flown to 3JC.  Disclaimer - Big fast aircraft with them new fangled autopilots or air-conditioning are excluded from Iron Butt competition.  You should be ashamed for even thinking you would win an award for flying a thing like that.
  • Grand Champion Antique Aviator - oldest pilot flying any type of aircraft into the National Biplane Fly In.