Flying in to the National Biplane Fly In

Easiest way to arrive at 3JC:

On Thursday or Friday from any direction when you get within 30 miles of 3JC just call:

 MARSHAL GCA (Ground Controlled Approach) on 121.25.  Available Thursday & Friday 0800 - 2200 

Marshall GCA can give you flight following, advise on active restricted areas, get you through MHK and FRI airspace and make your approach to 3JC easy.  Talk to GCA and you don't have to talk to Marshall Tower or Manhattan Tower.  They are great friends of the National Biplane Fly In.

Freeman Field (3JC) unicom 122.8 is an uncontrolled field.  All traffic patterns are left hand.  Please, no straight in approaches during the National Biplane Fly In.

Marshall Army Air Field (FRI) Tower 126.2  ASOS 121.025 is located 4nm E of Freeman Field. Marshall Tower operates weekdays.  If you are coming from the East call Marshall GCA on 121.25. If no one answers it is Saturday or Sunday.  Just use the Marshall Tower frequency 126.2 as the CTAF and announce your intentions.

 Manhattan tower (MHK) on 118.55  ASOS 119.075 is located 10nm NE of Freeman Field.  Manhattan Tower operates 0600-2200.

Don't be nervous about contacting Marshall GCA, Marshall Tower or Manhattan Tower.  The staff's at these facilities are great friends of the Biplane Fly In and are anxious to help you in any way.

Be aware of the restricted areas, R3602A & R3602B, located north of Freeman Field.  For status of restricted areas contact Marshall GCA 121.25, Kansas City Center on 127.35 or Manhattan Tower on 118.55.
 It is recommended you listen to Fort Riley ATIS, 121.025, or Manhattan ASOS, 119.075, for winds and altimeter setting.

Tune to Freeman Field on 122.8 as soon as possible and announce your intentions. Keep your head up, your eyes out and welcome to the National Biplane Fly In.